The use of the solar Energy contributes solutions in different and very important aspects of our everyday life. The sun gives a clean energy source, which doesn't consume or end in oppose to unnecessary and contaminant for the environment, petrol burn.
Using the Solar Energy will prevent the use of endless lines of distribution that causes radiation effects, which endanger the health and occupy enormous favorable areas.
Solar energy freeing us from petrol suppliers and their derived who enjoy extraordinary profits and take huge advantage of their power in order to gain political benefits.
Sun doesn't lend account and the use of Solar Energy will approach us to the cultural, social and economical goals of the modern world: to get a better standard of living for everyone.

MCO Industries
MCO is proud of being a part of the global campaign to get a healthy and tidy environment using renewable energies.
MCO offers integral solutions to all the needs of liquids warming-up to moderate temperatures using the Solar Energy.
The services MCO Industries offer includes the study of the needs, installation possibilities, economic convenience in terms of reimbursement time and savings in useful life, system planning, the work and supervision of the installations. These services are supplying by our expert team of specialized engineers, we have good performance in this field.

The main subjects we work on are:
  1. Planning and production of thermic equipment, which are using Solar Energy
    • Warming-up of water for domestic needs (douches, washing machine, dishwasher, etc.) so much in dwellings as in hotels, hospitals and general buildings.
    • Warming-up swimming pools.
    • Dwelling calefaction and refrigeration, radiant floors.
    • Warming of fluids for industrial use (paper industry, textile and leather, food industry, etc.).
    • Dehumidification of industrial disposals.
    • Production process requiring until 130º Celsius (266 Fahrenheit).
    • Dehumidification and air conditioning.
  2. Instruction of engineers, dealers and installation teams. (Hebrew, Spanish, Portuguese and English).
  3. Technical-economical study of solar projects before, during and after the installation. (English, Portuguese and Spanish).
  4. Instruction and consulting for appropriate products suppliers, according the project.
  5. Scientific and economic study in order to reduce the air pollution, with the use of Solar Energy.
  6. Adaptation and planning of products according the legal regulations of the different countries.
  7. Writing of basic regulations for the use and installation of solar equipment.
  8. Adaptation of the institutional demands of each country in order to approach state subsidiary contribution.
  9. Planning of production line of Solar Energy collectors and solar storage tanks.
  10. Market analysis regarding the solar products in different countries and design of detailed sale-layout.

MCO Industries produces more than 50 years best quality solar collectors and tanks.